Message of the National Executive President for the 32nd PANTALAN Anniversary

Warmest greetings to all union officers and members of Pambansang Tinig at Lakas sa Pantalan (PANTALAN) on the celebration of our 32nd Anniversary with the theme “PANTALAN Tatlumpu’t Dalawang Taon na Serbisyo at Malasakit sa mga Manggagawa”.

The new sets of union officers of the National Executive Board together with the 25 local chapter officers of the National Council were on board last April 2019 and are ready for the challenges ahead for the next couple of years. The PANTALAN has a total membership of 1,903 as of August 2019.

The recent leadership seminar anchored on ”Effective Team Leader Guide to Teamwork and Team Building”. From my stand point view, an effective and great leader is not someone who never makes mistake but rather as someone who is willing and has the courage to take chances by doing what is right for the common good regardless of the outcome bearing in mind transparency and accountability.

For that matter, the members under my watch are entitled to get the right information. Suggestion and ideas that will redound to the benefit as well as create a significant impact to the welfare of the great majority of the members are most welcome.

Entrepreneurship is a BIG thing in the present leadership. Management through our General Manager empowers PANTALAN to establish small businesses inside the Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) on condition that profit shall be properly and equally distributed among its members. Along this line, PANTALAN is now conceptualizing and eventually will be venturing into an appropriate income generating projects so it will not merely rely on union dues it collects from the members but instead take these little opportunities to help and enhance the activities of the union geared towards financial freedom.

Another development is strengthening our membership with KAMAGFFI, a federation comprising of 36 unions from GOCCs and GFls where PANTALAN is a member of the sub-committee for transport sector. KAMAGFFI will represent our membership to the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) that coordinates practical solidarity for transport unions around the world. In such manner PANTALAN saved for the high cost of the affiliation fee.

Discussions during the August 2019 KAMAGFFI meeting was centered likewise on the forthcoming Salary Standardization Law 5 (SSL -5) wherein the KAMAGFFI through a resolution, supports the initiatives proposed by the executive branch as urgent for the next three (3) years starting 2020 to 2022, implementation of which is in 3 tranches with 10% increase year after year.

Enhancement and updating of the PANTALAN website is at the fore. It is a big boast to us as it is now 96% completed with only one (1) local chapter has yet to comply. Pantalan members are enjoined to visit at http://www.

We are totally struggling with our Performance-Based Bonus for CY 2017 and 2018. Our inability to be at par with the PhilGEPS requirements, among others as we all know-hindered our prompt entitlement to said benefit. Gratitude goes to GM Santiago whose heart is with us, absolutely relentless and works tirelessly in pursuing the PBB claim of the PPA workforce with the GCG. We continue to fervently pray for its desirable resolution. It’s better late than never, so the cllche goes. Thank you again GM.

The need for a “home” for official use called PANTALAN Headquarters at Head Office was given a green light by management to include office equipment, furniture and fixtures.

It can be recalled that as early as February this year, PPA through the Human Resource Management Department has sought advice from the Department of Budget and Management on the proposed provision of fund for the annual medical/physical examination, in addition to the approved CNA Incentive rate of P25, 000.00 per qualified employee as provided for in the 5th Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) for Calendar Year 2017-2020. In view of relevant prescribed policy issuances of the DBM, favorable consideration on said proposal is far from real. In this regard, the GM shared his thoughts in crafting a responsive CNA in the near future.

Credit is due to management for their willingness to invest in the physical wellness of its employees and for believing that human resources are the lifeblood of an organization.

On the long and much awaited COLA and AA issues – I am happy to say that collaboration on the matter with concerned parties is in progress. I appreciate and salute to the resoluteness of management in resolving the matter in a peaceful and speedy means to get what is due us for the longest time. We look forward to get a win-win approach on this case. Let us all join hands in our quest for the early and speedy settlement of our long overdue COLA and AA claims by setting aside personal agenda.

As your PANTALAN National Executive President, I feel humbled serving the union. And with that, my never-ending gratitude goes to all of you for giving me such a rare and wonderful opportunity to be of service to everyone. Be assured that PANTALAN will always be for what it has been created for.