Message from the National Executive President


September 17,  1987 is the exact date when PPA employees union was born through the courage of our previous leaders and colleagues in the service. The main purpose of its creation is to represent the rank and file’s welfare, better working condition, security of tenure, awards/rewards, recognition,privileges, additional benefits and etc. that PPA management can give through a Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA) that both parties agreed upon.

It is very sad to recall that since 2012 of December almost all of our benefits (mid- year bonus, year-end allowance/gift check) that  we  usually received were stopped by just  a  one  piece of  paper issued by former  Executive Secretary of  PNoy. They promised to all GOCC’s  affected by the abrupt abolition of benefits to be replaced with  a  new scheme of salary that incorporates all our  benefits but until the time  PNoy stepped  down  the  salary  adjustment  thru  CPCS  was  not  realized,  this  creates demoralization to  the  entire  ranks  and  hardships to  our  lives  because of  the  sudden effect to our daily sustenance and survival.

My dear fellow PANTALAN members,  up to this day our fate and  hope is  still pending in court, our case is  in  the hands now of the Court of Appeals (CA  –  for traditional benefits after losing it in  the lower court (RTC Manila).  My personal opinion  to this situation  is  – let us  not hope so much of things that we are not in  control of,  since we know that the justice system in the Philippines works too slow and this includes all our other cases in court (COLA,  CNA 2009-2010 differential,  HMO disallowance).  What we can do now is PRAY and HOPE for the best to happen with  the present administration.

PANTALAN leadership and the  NEB officers are doing their  best  to  positively  win this battle by constantly communicating with PPA management to help us resolve the  matter and of course with the guidance of our privately-hired counsel.  We decided not to resort to any violent reactions through the conduct of  MASS ACTIONS by holding protest or rallies against the  government especially the  creation of  GCG  and  its  actions to  our benefits  and  other  privileges,  we  do  not  want  to  compromise  the  SAFETY  of  PPA employees in  showing our dismay to  the  previous  administration  by marching thru the main  streets/roads of  Manila to  let  them  know  that  we  are  suffering  from  financial difficulties.

I  believed that  not all  leaders are heartless like some previous  leaders  in  Malacanang under the office of the  President;  this  present administration has a  lot of promises and hope that will bring light to our future and to our children and their children’s  future, too.

I  do believe that nothing will last FOREVER in  this world,  our sacrifices will end,  and the long awaited salary adjustment will come  soon as committed  by the General  Manager per memo issued to us on  the update of our CPCS.

The  long  journey  that  each  PPA  employee  had  travelled  before,  during  and  after  our stay  with  this  organization  will  also  end  but  it  should  end  by  leaving  the  organization PROUD,  CONTENTED  and  HAPPY  working  with  one  of  the  prestigious  Government Owned  and  Controlled  Corporations  in  the  country,  that  once  in  our  lifetime  PPA  has change  our  lives  and  made  it a  very  significant  one.


Let us not always think, “What PPA can do to us BUT, let us also THINK WHAT we can help PPA In return to achieve its GOALS!





National Executive President

Memorandum dtd Sep. 08, 2016 re PANTALAN Anniversary

This coming September 17, 2016, we shall be celebrating the 291h Anniversary of the Pambansang Tinig at Lakas sa Pantalan (PANTALAN).

For this year’s  commemoration of our Union’s  existence,  the  National  Executive Board in  a  meeting held on August 11-12,  2016,  unanimously  decided to enjoin all  Chapters to conduct  some  activities  during  the  period  September  19  –  23,  2016  which  may  be highlighted with the following:

1.  Thanksgiving Mass;  and

2.  General Assembly Meeting with the following agenda;
a) Reading of the message from the National Executive President.
b) Procurement of HMO for CY 2016-2017
c) Any Civic Action Program that maybe initiated by the Chapter

Kindly submit to PANTALAN National Headquarters a brief report on the activities undertaken with pictures to be posted at PANTALAN website not later than September 30, 2016.

For further particulars, please contact Mr. Charlemagne V. Santillan of Ms. Amy Fajardo, thru Telefax No. 02- 521-2803.

For guidance.

National Executive President


Letter to Management re HMO for CY 2016-2017

General Manager
Philippine Ports Authority
PPA Corporate Center Building
Bonifacio Drive, South Harbor, Port Area, Manila

Dear GM Santiago:

The  current  Health Maintenance Service (HMS) Contract  between the  Pambansang Tinig  at Lakas sa  Pantalan (PANTALAN) and  Fortune Care  shall  expire  on  November 30,  2016.  To ensure seamless provision of such HMS to all employees of the  Philippine Ports Authority,  the PANTALAN HMS Committee has commenced  the Procurement Process  of HMS for  the period December 1,  2016 to November 30, 2017.

In the initial meeting yesterday,  the Committee has  agreed to procure a  HMS Provider that can provide a  much  better  service than  the  current  HMS  which  necessarily  would  entail  higher premium.

Under  EO  203,  one  (1)  of  the  benefits that  Management may  grant  the  employees  is  the provision of a  Health Maintenance Service.  However,  we are all aware that Management is  not in  the  position  to  grant  the  same  as  the  Implementing  Rules  and  Regulations  of  the Compensation and Position Classification Structure (CPCS) is still under process.

While PANTALAN is  very much eager to provide PPA employees with the best HMS,  it is sad to inform that we are not financially capable to do.

So,  the  Committee decides to  make an  appeal  for  Management  to  grant  each  employee  the amount of Php.  20,000.00 (in the form of an interest-free loan) to defray the cost of HMS for one (1) year. In case the CPCS Guidelines be approved before November 30, 2016  and  Management would  grant  HMS  to  PPA  employees,  the  amount  so  “loaned”  be considered  as charged  to the  HMS Fund.

If this  is  not feasible under existing regulation,  we  request that  said  amount  be considered  a special  personal interest-free loan to  the  employees payable for  one  (1)  year subject  to  the guidelines that Management may issue.

Since this  is  for  the  benefit of  all  PPA employees,  we  hope that  Management  will  give  this matter the much-sought consideration.




National Executive President