PMO Batangas PANTALAN 29th Founding Anniversary Celebration

In  line  with  the  celebration  of  the  Pantalan’s  29th  Founding  Anniversary,  and  in connection  with  the  Memorandum  of  the  National  Executive  President  dated  September 8,  2016;  the  undersigned  is  pleased  to  report  the  conduct  of  the  following  activities  at PMO  Batangas  on  September  23,  2016  (Friday),  to  wit;

1.  Thanksgiving  Mass  at  the  PMO  Conference  Room,  7th  Floor  New  Admin  Bldg;

2.  General  Assembly  at  the  same  venue,  participated  by  Pantalan  members  in  the attached  list,  with  the  following  antecedent  events:

  • 2.1  Reading  of the  Message  from  the  National  President  Mr.  Bernard  C.  Calledo, led  by  Pantalan  PMOB  Chapter  Vice  President  Donna  Christine  P.  Banuelos;
  • 2.2  Reading  of  the  letter  of  NEP  Bernard  C.  Calledo  to  PPA  GM  Jay  Daniel  R. Santiago  re  HMS  Fund  in  lieu  of  Fortune  Care’s  expiring  Contract  with  PPA,  led by  Aurora  A.  Mendoza,  Pantalan  PMOB  Chapter  Secretary;
  • 2.3  Renewal  of  Commitment  of  Pantalan  PMOB  Chapter  members,  led  by Chapter  President  Nimpa  A.  Rivera;
  • 2.4  Discussion  on  the  Procurement  of  HMO  for  CY  2016-2017,  as  presided  by Chapter  President  Nimpa  A.  Rivera.

Among  the  issues  that  cropped  up  during  the  discussion  of  HMO  include:

a)  Procedure  in  Selection  of  Health  Care  Provider;

b) Coverage;  and

c)  Continuity  of  Similar  Benefits  and  Insurance  Coverage,  in  case  of  a  new Health  Care  Provider.

PANTALAN  Chapter  President  Nimpa  A.  Rivera  assured  all  the  members  that they  will  be  notified  on  the·  selection  process  of  the  HMO  Provider,  and  will  be provided  with  a  copy  of the  TOR  for  the  selection  procedure.

  • 2.5  The  features  of the  PMOB  Provident  Fund.

Attached  are  the  Attendance  Sheets  of  participants  on  the  said  event,  and  photos thereof,  for  your  reference.

For  the  information  of the  PANTALAN  National  Executive  Board.


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